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Wayside Inn is a temporary emergency shelter for men, women and families.  It is a point of entry for the people who stay to begin the process of getting the services they need to ensure long term housing and stability.  The volunteer staff listen, encourage, and begin an individualized process for each person.  We provide connections to our partners in the community who have services that assist our residents.  This includes obtaining identification and important documents needed for almost every step of their process, getting insurance for those without coverage, and / or employment for the unemployed. If a person is suffering from a mental health issue, we direct them to the mental health providers in the community. If a person is suffering from addiction, we maintain a list of rehabilitation centers. Thanks to the generosity of this community, we have clothing, toiletries, food, bedding and almost everything they would need to begin their journey to self sufficiency.

We have scheduled reviews for each of our residents and certain requirements that must be met in order to be able to continue their stay with us.  After 5 days, most of our residents have found employment.  They have registered for insurance and applied for food stamps.  After 14 days, they have received their first paycheck and the difference in attitude is simply amazing!  They realize that they are on their way to a new life, and they have done this themselves, for themselves or their families. 

Our Mission

The mission of Wayside Inn is to embody the love of Christ by feeding, sheltering and empowering homeless adults and families.

Core Values

Our core values are


  • to treat all people with respect and dignity

  • to offer support and opportunity

  • to practice responsible stewardship

  • to achieve results through competence and creativity.

Get Involved

Our greatest need is volunteers. We are in need of supervision of residents. There are lots of hours available, days, evenings, overnight both weekdays and weekends. 


All donations are welcome and no donation is too small.


Donate your time, food, clothing, supplies or make a monetary donation, the choice is yours. 

If you shop on Amazon, we are one of the SMILE charities.  Please select Wayside Inn before you make your purchase.

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