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Wayside Inn, the emergency shelter in Jennings County, Indiana will be a change agent in the lives of adults and families. We will be an entry point for persons into the process of becoming stable and self-sufficient. It is a very individualized process because every person’s situation and needs are different. We listen to peoples’ stories, try to assess their needs, and begin to work with our community partners and other agencies to provide stepping stones to improved their lives.

Some of these stepping stones might be employment, long-term housing, health care, mental health assistance, addictions services, spiritual counseling, food assistance, vocational rehabilitation, and community service through the probation department or parole officers. Perhaps it will be assisting people with new drivers’ licenses or obtaining copies of birth certificates.

Always we will attempt to be the hands, feet and eyes of the Lord we serve as we engage in treating our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve as human beings.


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