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We can't do this without your help!


Sponsor a DAY

Can your group sponsor the shelter for a day?  Can you provide volunteers to cover 24 hours?  Can you provide food for breakfast and dinner?  

Church Support

Can the shelter be a part of your mission team?  Or can your mission team be a part of the shelter? Either way, can your church help support Wayside Inn by special collections?  Can you spend an afternoon or evening helping minister to the ones who need  Jesus the most? Can your congregation take on a room and furnish it?  Can you think of other ways your congregation can get involved?  We'd love to see you!


Sponsor a MEAL

Can you provide a meal for 10 - 15 people that we can keep warm in crock pots?  Breakfast or Dinner... You choose what meal is best for you to help with.


Business Support

If you are a local business in North Vernon or one in our surrounding counties, any donations or community support projects are greatly appreciated.


Of course, if you are unable to help at the shelter in person, or by providing food for a meal, monetary donations are always welcome.  As you can imagine, our utilitiy bills are quite high.


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If you would like to be one of our wonderful, dedicated volunteers, please stop by 304 Hoosier Street to talk with us and pick up an application.


We have many areas open to volunteer that cover a wide range of interests.

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