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During the first round of construction, the sanctuary was painted and set up. Because the group couldn’t think of one more winter in our community without a place to shelter people in the worst weather, we decided to use the sanctuary area to get started. Since the back half of the building is unheated and although we have plans for a furnace in that section to provide heat, it’s not on the agenda until next winter. So we went with the heated areas, utilizing mattresses and cots.

A major plumbing upgrade was also needed. A local company did an amazing job of running new water lines and creating two fully functional rest rooms – one with ADA compliant components. The women’s restroom was equipped with a tub/shower unit in case we have children staying with us.

Our hope in the near future is to get the electrical upgraded in the utility room so that we can install a much needed washer and dryer. The plumbing is in place and two fifty-gallon water heaters to provide plenty of hot water.

Local electricians provided the labor and materials to get the electrical upgrades underway. Union electricians from as far away as Indianapolis, Indiana came to volunteer to install new lighting, electrical outlets, and to get an area ready to be used as a “cook-less” kitchen. Sinks were installed for washing dishes as well as a utility sink for mopping and cleaning.

Tables and chairs were donated for eating areas and the kitchen is a popular spot in our facility.

Funds were donated for freezers and refrigerators–which the community has kept well stocked all winter – THANK YOU!!

The energy and enthusiasm for this work has been quite inspirational since the first day we started taking residents in. Over 50 individuals have stayed the night since November 24, 2014. We’re approaching 600 nights of stay, with individuals ranging in age from 3 to 75!

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