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We started the next phase of our construction/rehab in April 2015. Our plan was to be able to tuck point bricks on the exterior of the building, fill in holes in the masonry, check gutters, remove vines on the building, as well as old electrical and phone wires which are no longer in use. Then we hope to paint the entire exterior.

On the inside of the building, we hope to continue with electrical upgrades, as well as finishing a large room in the rear of the facility into a women's and children area.  We plan on being able to house up to 12 women and children.  This building project will require installing exit doors and some ramping on the outside of the building to made it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Financial donations, donations of appropriate building materials and supplies, as well as volunteer labor (including folks who have construction knowledge and aptitude) will be needed in the coming weeks and months to make this a reality. Our hopes would be to have our sleeping area ready for occupancy by winter of 2015-2016.

We were so blessed when someone from the high school stopped by to drop off some donations.  At this time, the mats were on the floor for people to sleep on.  She went back to the high school and the next thing we knew, the Industrial Arts instructor came down to measure the mattresses.  The school collected donations to buy the lumber needed.  When Lowes was contacted about getting in the lumber,  they donated it!  The kids built us 12 sets of very sturdy bunk beds and with the money that had been donated, they were able to purchase shelving units for our residents to put their things on. 

We are pleased to update you that the women and children's area is completed.  We have 5 sets of bunk beds and a sitting area with a television.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Rotary Club and Air One, a new furnace and air conditioner for the back room is installed and running!

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