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Things really began moving along in 2016!  We finalized plans and submitted them to the State Fire Marshall for approval.  All the hard work put in up until now helped us to receive the variance we needed to stay open while we continued to work on the building.

The women's area in the back was our biggest concern.  Not only did the area need to be finished, but we needed an exit door to be put in where a window used to be, and we needed a handicap ramp to make the area ADA compliant.   We had a local builder step up and make the door happen.  Then we received a grant to purchase the lumber for the ramp.  The city even came out and brought their equipment to help us dig the holes for the posts. 

The room was finally ready for furnishing with bunk beds, shelves, and some furniture.  It really wasn't as easy as it sounds.  The bunk beds would not fit through  the opening to the room! Each one had to be  completely disassembled and then put back together.

We took out the drop ceiling in the center area of the building and replaced it with a ceiling that met the fire code.  That meant 2 layers of drywall separated by a hat channel.  This area included the kitchen and what is now the laundry area.  Walls were removed, new insulation put in, electric was updated and the huge 8 X 4 fuse panel was removed.  Exterior lights were added to the building.

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