We are working diligently to bring our old 1860's building up to code

These are the projects that need to happen for the building to be up to today's code:

  • Finish upgrading the electric in the front part of the building

  • Finish removing the metal ceiling and replacing it with 2 layers of drywall with a hat channel in between

  • Plumbing to bring the water into the building for the sprinkler system

  • Install the sprinkler system

  • Install the fire alarm system

  • Concrete ramp from the side stoop to the street

  • Repair the fire escape

  • Purchase and install fire code doors

  • Replace 2 windows in the main room

  • Build a small are to be used for the food pantry

  • Epoxy or tile main room in the front of the building

  • Replace kitchen sink with a commercial grade 3 well corner sink

  • Additional security system

  • Office furniture and equipment for new intake area

Our estimates of how much these projects will cost is a little over $75,000.

We have received grants for different parts of the projects.

$8,000  towards the sprinkler system                 Est $16,000

$5,000  towards the alarm system                       Est $ 5,000

$1,250   towards the remaining electrical work    Est $10,000